Little Baby

Little Baby Whitening Topping Balm Cream Lightening Bikini Underarm Armpit Deodorants Elbow Pink Nipple Groin – 30G

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شامل الضريبة
Multi Function Petroleum Balm Petrolium Balm is made from 100% pure Petroleum Jelly that is moisturized up to 20 times. Easy to carry, dry air, the skin is not dry.

- Helps to protect the heel
- Keep the skin smooth and soft.
- Say goodbye to cracked heels Smooth, beautiful feet
- Helps strengthen hands and nails
- can be used in all parts of the body

How to use : Multi Function Petroleum Balm: Apply to desired areas such as lips, armpits, groin, elbow, astigmatism, heel 1-2 times a day every day.