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Lef Soft Velvet Loose Powder - Tramslucemt 01

SKU: 6943218345256-01

100.05 SR
شامل الضريبة

Used for absorbs excess oil from the skin and give it a soft matte look.
Prevents foundation and concealer from oxidizing and keep their setting for longer periods with no coverage.
Hides pores and lines.
Does not cause under eyes lines and hides wrinkles due to its slender dust.
offers a light glow and highlights on some areas.

light dust .. very soft with no glitter.

packging glassy circular container .. with a black cap .. a stretched out fabric is used as a filter to allow only small amounts of the powder out.

Matte finish.

can be used on the whole face after applying the foundation.. Or as a final touch.
can be used to turn lipsticks from creamy to matte.. By placing a tissue on the lips and spreading the powder with a brush over the tissue.
used to add volume to the lashes and set the mascaras for a longer time.. By applying a layer of powder over the lashes with a clean mascara brush and applying a second mascara layer after.
used for baking technique.
prevents the scattering of dark eyeshadows.. By spreading it under the eye and cleaning it with a brush after applying the eyeshadow.
used with a beauty blender or a powder brush.

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