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Lef Highlight Powder One Soft Color - 04

SKU: 6938685361793-04

102.35 SR
شامل الضريبة

Highlight used to for some areas of the face, Allows a healthy look, very strong and distinctive glow but not at all annoying.
velvety mineral powder, very light, contains antioxidants to protect the skin.
Very long lasting, One simple wipe has instant results, Efficient amount for long-term use.
tin box to protect the powder from shattering, includes a mirror, elegant and classy look.
Use to the top of the face, Nose, Under the eyebrows, Cupud's bow, Inner corners of the eye, The middle of the forehead, Legs, Shoulders, Chest, Eyeshadow highlights, Use its own brush or with your finger and then blend it gently.
Color bronze .. offers a transparent Bronze glow.. Suits medium and dark skin.

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