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Lef Eyeshadow Primer - Medium 02

SKU: 6952242877206-02

33.35 SR
شامل الضريبة
41.40 SR

A Creamy textured product used as a base step to prepare the eyelids for makeup, it is used before eyeshadows and concealer.

Protecting the eyelids from makeup's harm, Keeping excess oil from affecting the eyeshadow.
Unifying the eyelids skin color and giving the makeup a clean and neat look.
Moisturizing the eyelids to make it smooth and that's to continue your makeup easily.
Bringing out the eyeshadows pigment highly just as it is in the pallet.
preventing makeup from clumping due to long wear.
Setting the eyeshadows' pigment for long periods and keeping it fresh.

the texture creamy and very smooth, lightweight on the skin, does not clump, drying quick, suitable for oily and dry skins. Originally it is a beige skin-like colored product, it becomes almost transparent when it drys.

packaging have a small lightweight glass bottle with a small brush to spread the primer easily.

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