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Lef Eye Liner - 51

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شامل الضريبة

White eye pencil became the most used color among celebrities, It gives the impression of wide eyes and enlighten it in a natural way.
German made pencils, has a wax formula, soft on the skin.
Safe medical pencil, does not cause allergy, easy to maneuver, matte finish.
Stable, Suitable for warm and humidly weather.

Different techniques:
for narrow eyed people, apply a line of the white pencil on the inner side of your lower eyes .. Then apply eyeshadow under your eyelashes to make your eyes look wider.
after using black liquid eyeliner to outline your eyes, outline the upper eyeliner line with lightly using the pencil to highlight your eyes and dazzle them.
Can be used to outline and highlight the eyebrows.
Can be used to enlighten the eye and add a touch to it by drawing a 7 shape in the inner corner of your eye.
Can be used as an eye concealer and you can conceal freckles and blemishes by covering them using the pencil and then applying face powder, this will give you a flawless skin.
To outline the lips.

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