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Lef Eye and Face Beauty Kit

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169 SR
LEF brush set (Travel size), have eight brushes mini size.
Essential brushes for any look (4 brushes for the eyes - 4 brushes for the face)
Easy to carry due to its size.
Packaged in a small bag to protect the brushes and it can carry other products.
Wooden handle brushes convenient for use, with the brush's names on them.
The brushe's hair is strongly heald by the silver holder to protect it from falling due to washing.
The brushes' hair are handmade from different materials depending on its uses ( synthetic - natural from animal or plants - mixed).

- Brushes types and uses:
Brush (1) - for blush and contour.
Brush (2) - to blend and spread foundation.
Brush (3) - for highlighter.
Brush (4) - to blend and spread concealers.
Brush (5) - a flat brush to spread eyeshadows, picks the shadow smoothly to spread it on the eyelids in all directions, and under the eyes.
Can be used for pigments and highlighter.
Brush (6) - used for blending and smoothing, to blend the base with the crease, to smooth the appearant lines, and to decrease the colors upward and downward.
Brush (7) - used for blending, it helps in controlling the depth of the color and can be used for highlighter.
Brush (8) - eyebrows brush, has 2 sides one to draw the eyebrows and the other to brush them.. Perfect for powder, gel, and cream.

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