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Lef Cream Stick Blush - Colden 01

SKU: 6943218376519-01

79.35 SR
شامل الضريبة

Blusher is considered one of the main finishing up steps in make up for a stunning look, and with this formula you will achieve a natural glowing look.
This type of blusher is perfect for dry skin type. It will moisture your skin and make it look healthy and glowing.
For oily skin type, it is better to use the blusher occasionally for a different look. It is recommended not to use it on a daily basis because it will make the skin more shiny than it is.
The blusher is long lasting and will not require a retouch.
Can be used as a Blush, Eyeshadow or Lip tint.

It is designed as a pen for a more convenient use, no need for a brush or a sharpener, simply roll the lower side of the pen and the blusher will appear again.

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