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Lef All Matte

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شامل الضريبة

Face primer is a basic initial step before applying makeup, it prepares the skin and creates a protecting barrier from the possible damage of makeup, as it stops the makeup from filling the facial pores.

controling oily skin areas.
filling pores thus hiding them.
disguising wrinkles and thin lines.
makeing the skin velvety, smooth and matte non-oily and makes it look healthy.
makeing the skin smoother which makes distributing the foundation easier and prevents powder clumping.

Packaging: pink tube, the product can be extracted by squeezing with variant strength based on your need, it is also a healthy tube as it isolates air from the product and you won't have to use your fingers to extart it which decreases the spread of bacteria.

Texture silicone-like, originally it is a transparent beige product, and after it dries it becomes completely transparent, fat free, suitable for all skin types, contains vitamin (E) , which moisturizes the skin and protects it.

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