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Healthy Mix Glow Primer - 01 Pink Radiant

SKU: 361422592

72.38 SR

Let your inner lumière come to the light! Healthy Mix Glow Primer from Bourjois gives you more luminous, healthy and fresh effect to your foundation make up results. Thanks to the non-sticky and non-greasy texture with a touch of serum product is easy to apply. It blends perfectly and its fragrance is fresh and fruity. Primer boosts the radiance instantly and helps to hide dullness. There are two ways to bring out your glow: 1. Use the Glow Primer under the foundation to get luminous & rosy fresh look. 2. Use the Glow Primer after the foundation to get luminous and rosy fresh effect on areas that catch the light - cheekbones & temples. Choose your favorite and shine bright like a diamond!

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