FastPlay Hair Straightener LCD Ceramic

104 SR 129 SR

Hair Styling Tools - Flat Irons

Get the straight hair you desire with FastPlay Hair Straightener, The Same Results You Expect from The Salon 3 heat settings Depending on the nature and sensitivity of hair(80-110) Hair soft and very light(120-150) Hair corrugated medium width (160-190) Hair thick (200-210) Hair is very thick Product Features1 Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Plates Infused With TitaniumDigital Settings LCD to control the temperature heat the ceramic up to 200 degree in a matter of seconds, This temperature is considered ideal by many professional hairdressersAdjusts to all hair typesHeat-resistant matKey Lock systemVoltage: 200V-240V RatedFrequency 50HZ / 60HZ2m long cable for your convenience, swivels 360 degree UseEnsure your hair is dry, and then divide it into small 1.5” sectionsPut your hair on the ceramic surfaceclose the Ceramic at your rootswhich will activate the oscillation functionPull it down until reach the end of hairRepeat if necessary Move onto the next section and continue until all of your hair is silky smooth


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