Fast Hair Curler device Gray- Size 25

95 SR 119 SR
A cylindrical iron, it has a fastening clip, used to curl hair and make the perfect hot waves that you've always seen and couldn't accomplish.

Fair device contains four temperature degrees distributed in the following way:
(155) For very soft and fluffy hair.
(170) For corrugated and medium-fish hair.
(185) For thick hair.
(200) for very thick hair.

A button to increase and decrease the temperature contains four settings to the temperature to choose the right degree suitable for your hair type.
A cylinder with a width of (25) medium size, to make medium waves to very smooth and possible to work with only the edges of the hair.
The cylinder is made of ceramic sabotany to keep the hair healthy and avoid damage.
Quick warm-up.
Fits all types of hair (soft, normal, coarse).
Maximum temperature: (200) °C.
Watts: (45W)
Voltage: (220 - 110 V).
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
A triangular plug, a rotatable wire twists when you move the hair coil in a circular shape to protect the wire from getting tangled.
Product guarantee: 2 years.

How to use:
Make sure the hair is completely dry.
Divide the hair into four sections to make it easier to work with.
Open the cylinder clip, take a lock of hair and wrap it on the cylinder, start twisting from the roots to the edges or just just hair edges, choose what you want, then hold it with the clamp.
The best when twisting to move the device from below and the lock of hair from above.
Wait (5-3) seconds to give the desired result.
Slowly unbuckle and remove the device, and leave the lock of hair without touching it to cool to prove its shape.
After you have finished the full hair, you can spray the hairspray in case you need more firmness, or, use foam on the lock of hair before wrap it directly.

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